no wonder seattle was the best thing ever

the other night i went to bed feeling as if i forgot something. i did. when i woke up this morning and went out into the kitchen to pour myself a heaping bowl of honey bunches of oats i noticed it. my coffee pot was sitting in an empty state by the sink instead of being on its place on the coffee maker filled with my precious and delicious drug. my eyes went wide and i had an internal panicking moment. “what am i going to do? this is the most important part of my day!” i thought. i realized that one of my officemates has a very unique coffee pot that she always lets me pilfer from. hopefully she will answer her email that i sent to her frantically and she’ll provide me with my caffeine fix. i sound like house and his vicodin kick. who knew i’d be an addict at the prime age of 22.

the most recent update is that my officemate did indeed answer her email with the one word of Sure. after being grouchy and out of it for an hour and a half, the fact that i was about to be caffeinated made me almost leap from my chair. i knocked on her door and she said come in. sarah and kenny looked at me in awe because sarah said i was quick since she had sent the email two seconds ago. i said that coffee is almost a matter of life and death and that i will repay them in anyway possible. sarah looked up at me and said, well, snickerdoodles would be kind of awesome. i smiled as i stirred the belgian chocolate creamer into my french vanilla flavored roast and said sure. she and kenny both smiled widely. they have tasted my snickerdoodle cookies and both knew they are in for a treat this weekend.

always remember this. once you start on the coffee train, it’s very hard to get off. so if you find yourself barrelling down the tracks on a one way train (there’s no point in a return ticket) find some sort of trade off. if you give your caffeine provider something they like or offer to pay for more kinds of coffee, they will most likely be willing to give it to you at any time.


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