Us country folk won’t take that seriously

As I was walking to the gate that lets me into my building at work I looked at all the cars I was passing. Mind you, my work is in Frederick. This county has farms and corn fields and it’s right next to Washington County and Carroll County which are the same. Cows and corn. So it shocked me a little to see a Lincoln Mark LT truck with Maryland licenses plates on it. Dude, we’re in Frederick. What the crap are you trying to prove with that thing? Most people around here who drive trucks actually haul stuff in them. You know, like tools, animals, mulch, hay, animal crap, etc. OR they use them on the farm. OR the person driving it wants to pretend like they’re the most country person in the town when seriously, they need to get a clue. We’re Carroll and Frederick. I don’t know what you’re trying to prove there. Anyway, so I decided that I can’t take this Lincoln Mark LT truck person seriously. The truck was SPOTLESS. Not one speck of dirt. There’s no way that this person is going to haul anything with that thing or go mud-bogging. If you said mud-bogging, I feel like the owner would flip a lid. My point is, can someone please explain to me what the point is for having this luxury, spiffy trucks. Us country folk, yeah, we don’t take you seriously in that hunk of flashy metal.

Song: “Where I Come From” Alan Jackson….just to emphasize the point.


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