Texaco Gas Station Restaurant Update

While at the sister face’s house last night, I told her in-laws and husband about the Texaco J&P outdoor gas station seating….even showing them the picture with numbered seating. They cracked up, thinking it was one of the most hilarious things ever told. Well that and the L-(dash)ea story…we’ll save that for next time. Anyway, on the drive home from the sister face’s house, we stopped at the light at the intersection where this restaurant is. I looked over and notified the father and mother figures that they took the numbers down from the station, so it’s just the overhang with the TC on it. I was severely disappointed, because now it’s harder for the waitresses to find their tables! I’m only looking out for them!

Plus, it was rather funny to see people sitting out under the gas station overhang enjoying a pizza pie that’s accompanied by the fragrant smell of gasoline.


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