lessons from the father figure

last night the father figure and i went about our normal routine. we ate dinner and sat down to watch the lovely brian williams broadcast the news. this was the start of a 5 hour long conversation, which included a break to drive the shelby, about a variety of topics. you have to understand, 4 years ago, this was unheard of. the father figure and i maybe spoke 5 sentences to each other. anyway, we started off talking about the lack of jobs out there. as a new graduate, i have a crap job at an army base doing pointless work. at least it’s a paycheck, but i was versing my frustrations about said job to the father figure. he understood and we talked about other areas to pursue. the idea of script writing in california even came up.

next, and this was one of my favorite parts, we talked about the crime level and guns. he joked that WBAL only tells you the deaths that happen in baltimore when then should really tell you the wounded. i’m pretty sure this won’t sound as funny as it was last night, but you’d have to be there. my father figure is an avid hunter, so he knows how to shoot a gun and he believes that the crime rate would go down if people knew how to shoot properly. he said, “for every 1 poor bastard that gets killed in baltimore, there are 10 others with holes in them. 10 to 1! if these people knew how to shoot right, grant it there’d be a lot of dead people, but we wouldn’t have a drug dealing issue. those 10 people with holes in them can still go out and deal drugs!”

next was a ride in his new 2007, limited hertz 40th anniversary edition, black with gold racing stripes Shelby (it’s one step under the Cobra from the mustang line). we took a spin around my running route and he asked if i was ready. i said sure and he slams on the gas. normally this would scare the beejeezus out of me, but i was copesetic with this. he told me that 60 mph feels like 40 mph. dang if it doesn’t. we were FLYING down the road and it was awesome. i understand boys’ need for speed toys now.

the father figure and i talked money, politics, life, family, rhododendrons (he likes plants) and how we’d both love to move to oregon or washington. 5 straight hours. i love that fact that even though his job is basically done and i’m all growed up, he can still teach me.

song: dream in color by black lab

ps-here’s the car. so freaking sweet.


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