even when they’re 40, it doesn’t stop

i still didn’t have to go into work today, so i went to my mom’s school to help them set up. we went out to lunch with one of her co-workers and they had a “nice” discussion about people they work with. when i was young and rather naive, i thought drama ended after high school. then i went to college and realize that was just a dream. so maybe the drama would end once i got a job. no no, it doesn’t stop. there is drama all through my mom’s school. who said this about this person, and who said that. who takes things personally, who likes to back-stab and who thinks too highly of themselves. holy crap. you’re all freaking 40 years old (average). you’d think they’d grow out of it.

and speaking of holy. there is drama on my church’s worship team. the WORSHIP team! you’re supposed to be singing holy holy hallelujah to Jesus, not trying to one up and out sing someone else and become buddy buddy (or up another’s butt as SH and i say) with the director. i explained all of this to my mom and she looked at me and asked, are there human beings in your church? i said yeah. and she goes, there’s your problem.

really, some people just need to shut up or be punched in the face. i won’t punch anyone. assault charges aren’t at the top of my list and i won’t do well in prison.


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