you know you’re from carroll county when…

at this intersection there are three gas stations and a liquor store. one of the gas stations how now been turned into a J&P pizza place. sounds great right? the food is, but the actual restaurant area is hilarious. they never tore down the texaco gas pump area, so people used to park at the old pumps and go into the restaurant to eat. you’re guaranteed not to get blocked in, and, if it rained, you’re car is covered! always a plus!

then one day i noticed that they were tearing down the gas pumps, so i figured the whole texaco thing would go. no. it didn’t. guess what they did? they fenced in the area and put tables, lights, chairs, fake plants and made it pretty for….outdoor seating! hey, at least your tables are numbered.

but there is still the red texaco cover with a TC on it. only in carroll county. also, only in this county, will you find combines and sprayer tractors on the road causing a back-up.

the end.


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