ramblings of a rainy saturday

today i woke up to grey skies and text messages that went unanswered from the night before. after refusing to get out of bed for a solid 22 minutes, i meandered to the kitchen to eat honey bunches of oats. then L texts me that she is going to ikea with A. i was supposed to go test driving of new cars with the father figure later that day, so i texted back saying i wouldn’t be able to come. she told me i was missing out and that SF was there. after much consideration, weighing of the options, and a fluttering idea of a pro con list, i called L and told her that i needed directions because i would go with the father figure another day. she accused me of only wanting to come because SF was there. grant it, SF is a definite pro to the list, it was not the only reason i decided to go. i miss L and A since we no longer live together and what person doesn’t like ikea?!

we drove down a long, straight and narrow road with every food place imaginable and arrived at ikea. SF was an ikea virgin…we ended that. as L was turning into the parking space recently vacated, she looked at the car that was backing out. two seemingly butch women were in the car, so L proceeds to say, “look, i think they’re life partners!” we spent a few hours trying every couch, chair and bed frame we deemed worthy. we proclaimed our likes and dislikes when it comes to the decor and went down to the marketplace. L asked me for design ideas and i gave her some, then we went to the checkout. naturally, A and I had to pee. as we were drying our hands, i told her that lysol should come out with travel size bottles like purell.

this is the life of a new adult in the real life world. ikea on a saturday with 3 friends.

song: the pogues “i love you til the end” (we’re watching ps, i love you)


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